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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG
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. Part 13


The Sinker (beginning of Rapture's construction) :

Used to ferry men and supplies to the ocean floor and was positioned where a building was to be constructed.

Had living space for the crews doing the construction work and air/power supplies and space for storing/repairing various equipment.

Early Saturation Diving would be used to alleviate the need for some of the cumbersome hardsuit work. Divers would stay down at the depth pressure for extended periods and then only decompress (very slowly) once when leaving for the surface.

The Sinker was used to prepare a foundation site by cleaning off the seabed of silt and debris down to the rock and then digging out soft/broken material til the surface was solid rock.

The platform had pile drivers (and drilling units for cement support pilings) and these were used to make anchors for the forms used to pour the concrete building foundation.

A cement crane and either a tram or cable line was built to bring in cement/aggregate/freshwater from the production plant. The Concrete was mixed and poured in many repeated courses/layers and would be built up to the required height level (cement takes time to set properly, and can create destructive stresses if made in one solid block). Large boulders were often imbedded to fill significant volume and save on cement.

After the foundation was well started, 'the Sinker' was moved on to the next building site. Sub handlers in the mini-spheres controlled automated equipment that did the rest of the repetitious work (raising the forms, pouring cements, placing the boulders, repeat...)

Later more equipment was available to do similar work (and the construction domes were built), but the Sinker itself built most of the Phase 1 building foundations.


Heeeeeres Johnny... :

Someone else's art -

Looks like one of the tunnels in the Concrete Foundations underneath Rapture's buildings (YOU ARE IN A MAZE OF TWISTY LITTLE PASSAGES, ALL ALIKE) ... The tunnels allowed the foundations to use significantly less concrete than if they were made solid and helped relieve stresses in the concrete as it set and allowed internal inspections of the structures integrity. The remaining foundation mass was still more than sufficient to support and anchor the building built ontop of it.

Quests can use these tunnels as reuseable destinations (who will remember where they were led in the maze??) and easy enough to programatically create 'on-the-fly' and extend when needed.


Player Created Asset - Cartoons for the In-Game Newspapers :

A Simple enought art type ( a picture ).
Subject to content vetting before publishing (some layers will try to slip prohibitted materials thru)
Can be seen by thousands of players in the in-game public media
A Running Comic strip even better (work for dedicated asset creator)
Payment for being published in-game by the Newspaper (a job that pays)


Proven wow value :

All kinds of 'do-it-yourself' water sculptures - another in-game editing tool to place various decorative components and water flow devices and lights. The particle generators (mists and fountiny things) and moving texture 'flows', pooling effects would have to adjust to the object's assemblage (baking the asset on-the-fly). And for Players nostalgic for their past in 'the ruins' - add flames to the artwork. Perfect thing for your appartments front room/attrium.


Atlantic Express Depot/system designer/artists didnt exactly know how real world structures work :

- In those workshop/repair bays - There is No rail for the cars to hang from or anything underneath they might rest on if taken off the rail. (no obvious way to get the car in and out of the bays)
- Overhead cranes hanging from a window ( the same overhead cranes with no track for the crane to move on ).
- The Paths where the cars would traverse (between the workshops/repair bays and the rest of the facility), there were big pipes in the way where the track should be.
- Not sure why they need such big heavy metal doors BETWEEN the repair bays (again with NO rail/track the traincars could be moved thru on, and the floor is not flat -- if they were supposed to have some kind of wheeled trailer for a traincar to sit upon ).
- The 'switching hub' -- which could be one way to 'switch' ALL possible tracks leading off that 'turntable' - all tracks in the facility and going elsewhere. But such a mechnism becomes a chokepoint (cant handle enough units quick enough during busy periods and then only one traincar at a time).
- Not sure of the point of that big turntable (without any mono-rail). That simple fixed crane makes no sense, as it cannot slide the cars in and out of those storage tracks (radiating from the center - halfway up the wall - and the stacked tracks).
- The workshops/repair bays dont connect into the big turntable (are tangential to it and are on a different level).
- The wheels supporting the turntable are supposed to be underneath the 'bridge' instead of sticking far outside its circumference. (and Wood decks on RR turntables went out in the 1870s - they are a maintenance headache and weird when they use so much metal decking everywhere else).
- You go up the elevator and see a bunch of cars hanging up inside the building structure (storage??) , but girders block movement in all directions for them, and out the one visible door (and no way to lower them to the 'switching hub').
- With no other switches, all the stations with only one track thru them would make for a pretty odd system - allowing only one way traffic.
- Real switches do exist for monorails (it is just a matter of having a section of rail that can be bent to match one of two possible rails -= )
- There are substantial rocks outside the upper office window which are imemdiately above the repair building you just went up thru (and they are not the decoratives we see on other buildings) `.
- In the Atlantic Express stations, the Curved Mono-Rail heading out thru the doors and down into the Ocean are perfectly shaped/placed to scrape the bottom out of the traincars when they move that way. Caricatures can be taken a bit far.
- "It is only a game ..." - then why have any attempt to make something look even half real. ( it is supposedly a sci-fi genre game...). Funny thing is, 'doing it right' usually takes only a little extra effort - just a little knowledge and then an intention to do do things correctly.

A proper design for this turntable 'hub' would be a dozen or more track radiating from the center (doubled up if tracks stacked and the 'bridge' acting as a elevator) for storage and some tracks to connect to the workshops/repair bays. The turntable 'bridge' would have the same monorail to support the traincar it held and would closely fit upto each storage bay's rail when rotated. One of the bays might be an elevator to take traincars to that upper building section (though why need that in a facility that could have sprawled horizontally on the ocean floor). Some of the tracks coming off the 'hub would go to the AE station tracks.

A small turntable (about 50 ft for Mk1 cars we've seen) would likely be located at the end of the line (at Abyss Lookout) rather than have a track loop and switch (outside the station in the ocean) to turn the AE traincars for the return traffic direction. The Short Line route we take in BS2 did not carry any significant amount of traffic, or it would be double tracked to allow simultaneous movements in both directions. As it is, that route is only about a mile and a quarter long.

All the facilities seen in BS2 were for the older style Mk1 type equipment/track. The unseen Mk2 facilities (to which most of the AE system was rebuilt) were even larger .


BS1 - Why did we not have a tech upgrade for the good ole wrench - sure we had tonics and such but no technological upgrade ?? :

- Turn it into one of those big 'whack-a-mole' mallets.
- Golf Club to be a bit more upscale
- The MMORPG would have a wider range of melee type weapons (short of killing the Splicer, any damage you do can be fixed up (eventually) at the Clinic...)


Trophy board for players 'achievements' (no house required) :

Competitiveness is a factor for some players. Visible to other players (optional?)

- Statistsics and creative looking 'stars'/gun notches
--- - For Splicers saved, etc...
- Various Prestige Achievements (Civic, various Groups/Societies, Offices held)
- Business venture(s) list, House address ...
- List of oddities found.
- NPC 'Team' size/achievements


Amusing comic :


Adonis Luxury Resort - those glowing inside plants as seen in BS2...

Had Adonis Resort been underwater recently? or are those the old decorations (for the spas 'sea' theme). Eleanor had been previously at work for quite a while hacking the Vita-Chamber (using the hands of Little Sisters she controlled - and that doorway with the debris blocking it conveniently kept them safe..) and trying to reconstitute Delta (and cleaning up the many messy failed attempts), so it could not be flooded that recently. So are they fakes, lit with artificial bioluminescence (which had been a technology Rapture had been developing) -- most sealife dies out of water (so when we go back to Dionysus Park in the MMORPG it will be an ugly dried out mess instead of all the pretty glowing colors).

Whatever that Big Sister did to break the window in the Demeter's Banquet Hall, hopefully they dont go around doing that too often or most of Rapture would have been flooded out. The Bulkhead doors probably protected the rest of the Resort, and the Big Daddies have yet another flooded section to have to repair.


Candles everywhere in BS2 :

I would hate to see the statistics of how many Splicers burned to death in their sleep or asphyxiated themselves. And if they blew them out, who keeps making matches and lighter flints for them to keep relighting them ??? And the wax? The bees must still be alive in the agricultural sections of the city (petroleum based paraffin might be pretty hard to come by by BS2 times and those Family types are burning an awful lots of them).

Repairing lights will be a significant job in New Rapture, that and painters to give the whole place a nice new coat of paint.


Another possible 'cover story' done by Ryan's surface organization :

Ryan's ship the Olympian sinking off the coast of Brazil (planted newspaper stories with hints at projects down there in the Amazon)

Either as a 'accidental death of Ryan' disappearance coverup or just diversionary (he wasnt there himself but publicly hints at thing going on there...)

Maybe employ it as a staged 'severe injury' that puts him "incommunicado" like Howard Hughes was later (to cover his moving completely to Rapture), but still 'running' his surface empire.

In either case, it was a phony ship (switched names on a hulk sunk on purpose, leaving a big oil slick and wreckage) or somesuch.

??? Use a 'sunk' Olympian as a undersea hostel for construction workers??? -- It doesnt really fit to have it sunk down next to an abuilding Rapture (as more than hundreds of shiploads of materials are going that same path already - being lowered down into the depths). With something special in the hold ?? Still doesnt make sense when you could assemble the 'special' whatever on deck and put it over the side like so much other material/equipment/personnel already had been (including 'the Sinker').
More like having it officially vanish so it can be used to transfer freight mid-ocean from other ships (so they dont look suspicious being delayed or being near the Rapture area of the World) or covertly picking up large numbers of immigrants ('the vanishing').


Newspaper Vending Machines :

The Rapture Tribune Newpaper Vendor/Dispensers - must be made with Ryanium - I tried to bust one open and only dented it (funny it also had a paper from just after the Kashmir incident - and this was in BS2 7 years later. You would have thought the Splicers would have good uses for any remaining newspaper - and cash lying around like confetti to open the machine.

Interesting thought -- classic RL Newspaper Dispensers allow you to take a whole stack of newspapers (simple machine - easy to quickly load). Newpaper Vendors in Rapture could have been more sophisticated - shock you if you take more than one or somesuch. Could have been hackable (not sure why you would want to in the game though ...)

SO there shouldnt be any shortage of the machines in New Rapture.


Proper structures for building windows :

Assuming an humongously strong clear material had been developed (the Rhyanium mentioned in the Novel) to be used for all those windows. (Glass would have to be feet thick to withstand the pressure forces involved and the eventual first crack means catastrophic failure - so properties that stop defects growing is a critical attribute if those vulnurable windows are to stay intact).

The windows in the game (all seen from the inside where it is hard to notice) dont actually have any thickness (they are a simple 3D surface/effect) but should really structurally be many inches thick. No windows Ive seen in the game are crystal clear/clean anyway, so distortions (because of thickness) are not significantly unrealistic.

The typical window sized surface (area) at 600 feet of depth (with 280psi pressure upon it) could be secured (if properly supported) by a plate of steel about 1 inch thick (like whats used by the Bathyspheres). Rhyanium several inches thick in the same situation would not have to be too extraordinarily (or impossibly) strong (just odd that a transparent material would have that kind of shear strength). There is no evidence that Scotty visited Ryan in 1945.

Curved windows convert shear stress to compression, which is usually easier for various materials to withstand (so curved windows are prefered).

Assume that the thickness of the material would have to be great enough to not just meet the minimum requirements, but to survive abuse for decades, to withstanding corrosion, thermal stress and other forces (us smashing it and hurling bombs and explosives/fires at it from the inside).

The HUGE flat windows we saw in Neptunes Bounty -- their dimensions WOULD have greatly multiplied the external force against their center (leverage on such a large span greatly increases stress in the unsupported center) that it would require the Ryanium window slab to be several feet thick (which would likely have significant optical distortion as well as be extremely expensive for such a venue). MMORPG would redo those ones with much smaller pannels at an industrial location that wouldnt warrant such a huge window -- big picture windows on mansions and tourist views and upscale shopping malls and company offices.

The fairly bulky window frames as portrayed in the games could easily hold a many-inch-thick Ryanium 'glass' slab.

The window structure withstands massive forces of ocean water pressure (in all directions/sides -- not just holding UP against gravity) and those forces have to be transmitted to the primary building structure (which is designed braced to keep from collapsing inward).

Structural Walls/entire building support the window's pressure force (window frame anchored into wall) :
- Wall Structure made of Ryanium/Ryanium composites (expensive but more 'gracile' - thinner walls/features)
- Made of thick reinforced concrete (cheap but bulky -- steel rebar reinforced, many many feet thick, Ryaniums rebar possible)
- Made of mostly self-supporting solid rock (skylights/windows for tunnels caverns) - well anchored/force pushing against thick solid mass of rock.

Multi-paned windows have to have substantial between-pane framing to transmit the force to the wall or they are subjected to greater local forces like in a large solid window. Many of the windows we see in the game had narrow metal strips between the panes, which would be insufficient support (should be widened/bulked up).

The long-term plan for the city allowed for expansion (increasing population) and additional construction. Somewhere there would be stockpiles of additional windows (panes/frames/bolts) and some more for expected replacements.


Nightmare on Ryan Street :

In BS2 you walk as the Little Sister into Sofia Lambs office and there working at her desk is .. in a wig and glasses .... Ryan !!! (good for at least one 'nightmare' flashback - a fun quest...). And his head suddenly turns completely around (like in the Exorcist) and he says : "Would You Kindly go get Mommy a Fresca...".

Then you wake up. (In Rapture, the Nightmare never ends.)


Nuther Asset to create - More Splicer masks :

After 10 years you would think the splicers would be getting tired of their 1959 New Years masks (or they would have been wornout/lost by now).
- SO new Assets with different design shapes, decorations and materials used, to vastly multiply the number of available masks for the Splicers to use.
- Some may even be the equivalent of Splicer faction 'colors' and others that indicate 'rank'.
- A relatively simple 3D asset to create.


Sharks with frickin lasers beams attached to their heads :

-- Ryan liked the idea as a way to deal with smugglers, but knew it was too rediculous to put any money towards. Lasers on Security Flybots were alot less rediculous, but his 'death' curtailed that project.. Prototypes did exist in Minerva's Den, though many technical issues remained.

--- --- ---

Recently (true story) an old building in LA was renovated and behind a closed up wall they found a Neon Sign that had been left on for 75 years (joke about the landlord wondering why his elctric bills had always been so high....)

Hmmmm, players might be suprised in various ways the things THEY will find behind some walls - when they are doing repairs on their 'fixer-upper' work projects. Might be a whole gimmick in the game to find such stuff, and put the more interesting things on public display. (And yet another thing for imaginitive Player Asset Creators -- to come UP with these odd 'rare' items). Like I've said many times : the ability in this game to add interesting things is virtually limitless -- just have to use your imagination, and then do a little work to actually create (or modify) and add it).

Talking of 'rare' items, think of all the odd 60's items that might be found in any abandoned smugglers hideout (and there were many besides Fontaine's big one near Neptunes Bounty, and his backup site he used while he was 'Atlas' (which his faction continued to use after he was kaputt). Some things would be seen as alien to denziens of Rapture as some things in Rapture seems to us.


Slo-Mo Combat (solution (?) for when things start happening too fast) :

With the additional situational factors and more actions to be taken (and likely more complicated interface manipulations - with same old clumsy interfaces), and orders to issue to the players NPC 'Team' (and maybe a bit of lag due to the richer and more realistic environment) --- ?? does too much happen too fast for the Combat to work to be controllable ??

Would a game solution be 'slo-mo' in combat to help players handle things easier???
- There is the complication of multiple players involved, with players shifting into and out of the 'slo-mo' zone ...
- It does help that much of Rapture is 'closed in' to isolate combat areas (to limit things involved in the combat situation)
- A significant goal change now is to capture Splicers and try NOT to kill them, which may make players actions a bit more complicated than "blast it til it is dead" strategies, (but the goal changes may also make things harder to 'kill'/disable).

Alternatives would be to have more 'setup' preparations of 'automatic' reactions (particularly with roles/stances for the player's NPC 'Team', so the player doesnt have to micro-manage them ( NPCs then to have proper AI scripting to act somewhat intelligently ).


Sinclair sold Plasmids to both sides in the Civil War (the evil meany!!!) :

How else was the Pheromone Control add-on supposed to take control of Atlas's Splicers (who otherwise would ONLY use Fontaine's stockpile of unmodified plasmids) ? If there were no customers left alive, Sinclair would not be able to make any profits. Ryan would re-establish order and Rapture would be rebuilt, offering Sinclair numerous business opportunities to Sinclair.


Cutoff and good riddance ... :

Satelite Communities outside Rapture (suburbs, farm areas, industrials sites) should have their own self-sufficient utilities (air, water, heat, power). Distant sites are too far way to run all those utilities without extreme cost and inefficiency. Power could provide all the others if needed at the cost of additional expense. Those sites would be in trouble if any link failed (unless redundant utility line infrastructures also existed -- at even more expense). So best if they provided their own utility sources (geothermal activity would not only be located at Hesphaestus, and THAT likely would be criteria for a site's selection).

Self-sufficiency means that when the Civil War came, those external communities (who may have largely avoided the ADAM problems) could if needed cut themselves off from Rapture (some would stay in communication with each other if they didnt have all the necessary resources -- like food). They may have had more use of submarines and could use them to obtain needed resources.

Some Communities may even have had the resources to get some of their people out of Rapture and back to the surface as things went from bad to worse.

New Rapture is interested in having any of these communities rejoin them (assuming they havent become cannibals or other unsavory flavors).


Phones we should have had :

I always thought the phones in the game should have interacted more - either a busy tone on the activate or a 'Sorry telephone service has been interrupted but will be restored soon by our personnel" recording or periodicly some Splicer answering on the other end with some varying gibberish. Hearing one periodicly ring off in the distance would have been interesting. Whacking one to get cash could have been done -- but with the majority of them already 'pre-whacked' (by splicers wanting money for a pepbar fix).

In the MMORPG they could actually work (call a store/company to get their merchandise menu, a government office for more fun paperwork (text menu), ring a 'team' member to issue orders or them to ring you to give results/news (text), call another player to use usual audio communication, etc...)