Lambs Dirty Money :

For a collectivist 'utopia' there sure is alot of money on the Splicers around in BS2.  Shouldnt 'the family' members share everything equally and money should NOT be required and actually should have all been destroyed ??
But then Lamb's Utopia was much more extreme/unworkable than Ryan's, and if anything far more disastrous and certainy hypocritical.  Maybe like in other collectivist societies, the money was largely valueless - with little to buy with it and held onto with desperation -- old joke in Soviet Union - "They make believe they pay us, and we make believe we work".   Coersion was the real coin of Sofia Lamb's realm.


A Sofia Taunt Button :

With all the inane blathering and whining Sofia Lamb does at you (and at Eleanor too), I sometimes wish I had a button in the game that would make cutting replies/remarks to her collectivist/utopian/psychobabble drivel.   They should have given us that, at least, as we never were allowed to get our hands on her in the game so we could  "make a real moral choice"  with her.   Alphas cant speak ??  Then an airhorn to blast at her over the radio. (Big Daddies with airhorns... hmmm that would have been interesting.)


Row of 4 Pneumo 'Tubes' in 'mail room' in Inner Persephone :

The Pneumo system is not a 'Tube-goes-to-only-one-Tube system' as the systems auto-routers allow bypassing manual sorting at a Postal Substation (Post Office).   So why 4 tubes here ?
- A busy mail office would have a 'pneumo' Capsule ejector machine that pushes an incoming capsule onto a rack (and not just auto-dump the Capsules contents into a bin --- though that option could be arranged also).
- One 'Tube' is sufficient for fast repeated sendings and if needed, an 'empty' magazine loader option could be added to a Deluxe Mailing Station (one that includes autocharging postage and punch-card or 'memory' resgister driven addressing.)
- That location is also one of the dedication plaques commemorating activation of the Jet Postal Pneumo system in 1956 on the 10 year anniversary of the founding of Rapture.
- Perhaps the Pneumo in Persephone is a 'closed system' with limited outside access (as in ONLY thru one 'outside' Tube in the Mail Room and the others 3 are to a dedicated/isolated system in sections of Inner/Outer Persephone (like the Wardens Office) to avoid the potential security problems of hacking/contraband.


Rapture - a real fixer-upper :

Going thru BS1 and BS2 again and I think, looking at it again, that just giving the place a new coat of paint would be a major improvement. Turning all the lights on too. In the MMORPG, with Players picking out a section to renovate, they will see for themselves how impressive Rapture actually can be again, with just a little fixing up. Sure there are lots of leaks to repair and rubble to be disposed of, walls patched, corpses and trash hauled away, etc... But those will get done too.

Another 'tourist' destination to add to the list - Central Computing at Minerva's Den (See the Thinker and and dont forget to also see the newest Robotic Helper displays and have your picture taken next to that famous statue...)

--- --- ---

Yet More Quest/Mission Ideas :

One of the problems with MMORPGs is that you pretty much do EXACTLY the same 'Quests' that many thousands or even millions of other Players have already done or will do.  And *THIS* MMORPG is to have alot more 'World Changing', which means the results of the Player's actions change the World, and are accumulative with other players' (and even NPCs).  So finding Quest mechanisms which allow that, and also try to make it less obvious there are other Players doing (nearly) the same quest at the same time is the goal.

- Of course, simply having a huge number of Quests/Missions helps spread out the Players.
- Varying props, enabling tools, timelimits, NPCs involved, sequence order of sub-scenes can mutate them.
- Random/changeable location of Quest-giver, communication method, Quest verbage used.
- Random destinations of Quests (including using the 'bubble instance' mechanism to create temporary locations)
- Sufficient optional details of Quest substeps/goals that do different things (combinatorics is your friend)
- Varying outcomes of success/failure/partial success/reattempts.
- Quest details that can vary depending on Players abilities/skills/history.
- It should be nearly impossible to 'write up a walkthru' on the internet for a quest because it varies so much each time it is run (lets see if Infinite employs even an iota of this idea).

- Re-occurring repairs/tasks (things periodicly break at various/multitude of locations) are good for 'justified' repeatable quests.
- Quests that absorb resources - some are 'renewable' (it 'grows back' eventually from many locations preferably), others there are new sources further out (ie- repairing the Huge city will always have more to do...).
- Changeable generic location used - quest sub-scene can be 'set up' at ordinary location (sometimes just a NPC standing there on a street corner...)
- Maze terrain that player goes thru to reach 'the scene' and really cant trace path back afterwards
- HUGE terrain that can actually be created 'on-the-fly' (seed generation) that takes a player somewhere noone has ever gone before and the player could return to later to see the same content (and results of their actions).
The city is extensible (as are the tunnels underneath it) and the Sea outside is virtually endless.
- Progressive expansion of City allows 'building' permanent results (world changes) and other players doing that quest operate on similar locations 'further out' as the city/territory expands.
- Stepwise cumulative quests that have subsequent players 'add-on' their contribution, and if it ever gets finished, 'progressive expansion' can move it to the next site 'further out'. NEW constructioin can also be made (the map is VERY big so plenty of open space.
- Limiting the number of players on a server (having multiple 'Worlds') will prevent 'burning thru finite resources'
rediculously fast (faster than a plausible 'regeneration' mechanisms can adjust). No activating a 'deed' to place a pre-canned house in THIS game.

--- ---

Assist in repairing a Metro Station (example of 'Stepwise cumulative' and 'Progressive expansion') :

Since many of the parallel transportation systems are not functioning (AE, Trolleys, Submarines) restoring a Bathysphere link would be an important step in expanding the City. In some situation its THOSE other transports that are the easier to fix, but for some locations its the Bathysphere route (it travels largely thru open water which is harder to block with debris/destroyed buildings and structures).

- There are dozens of different parts of machinery/mechanisms/systems that have to operate to make one of the Bathysphere stations work (and thats actually a PAIR of stations for each route -- since the station on the other end has to work also).

- The player would be given a task to complete - to do things like find/fetch/make a missing part, to install/repair a machine, to cleanout and unfoul a system, and numerous other jobs. Once that was completed more repairs could procede.

- Many players would have to contribute to make progress and since Metro Stations usually operated more than one route, even after one route was 'fixed' there were additional routes to repair at THAT station. And after THAT station was fully functional (except maybe for 'extras' like automatics) then there are plenty of OTHER Metro stations that need fixing.

- So this kind of multi/group quest/mission set allows players to 'change the World', and actually see and be part of progress for the City's restoration, It provides constant "Player does it if they feel like it" game 'missions' available to large numbers of players.

- Things break periodicly so the skills a player develops could be later called upon to restore operation for a Metro route --- by another random 'repair' type mission.

- Assisting the City Rebuilding earns the player 'prestige points' which open up other possibilities.

--- --- --- --- -

Secret Societies ??? (shhhhhhh) :

- Ryans Private Reserve - the remainder of Ryan's substantial surface organization that still maintains a connection with Rapture and has resumed obtaining and transporting critical resources for New Rapture (their agent Jimmy Bondot shaken not stirred...) was contacted before Tenenbaum returned). Ryan's followers who long held control of Hespaestus joined New Rapture and brought their contacts with the Ryan's surface organization.

- The Shadows (***fill in something here***) Splicers who never went mad -??????

- International Order of the Prawns ?? (one big excuse for drinking booze while consuming seafood?)

- Spy's from other factions IN New Rapture... (the name is Bond .... Jame Bond.)
--- -- Mysterious coded phone calls and radio traffic...
--- -- A gun disguised as a fish !!
--- -- "The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions... (this AccuVox will self destruct in 10 seconds...)"
--- -- New Raptures 'the five' (secret intelligence group) work dilligently to keep these enemies at bay.

- The "Atlanteans" ( obsessed with some sunken city myths or somesuch -- likely need their 'meds' adjusted)

- The "Yacht Club" (a group of genteel 'entrepreneur' smugglers who existed even before Fontaine started his 'Operation')
--- - They sometimes did little favors for Ryan ??? they were rather discrete and even tipped off the security to their more blatant 'competition'.
--- - Rumors that Wahl used the 'Yacht Club' to smuggle needed goods to locked-in/cut-off Minervas Den (trading for valuable goodies taken from Air-Tite Archives).

- Fight Club --- rule #1 Dont talk about Fight Club.

- And More, too secret to mention here....

--- --- --- --- ---

Non-Secret Societies :

- Brotherhood of Deep Sea Divers (another group organization). At one time there was a significant number of Divers employed to construct and maintain the City (The Big Daddies didnt come into existance until after the Kashmir Incident). Still in existance (Big Daddies are honorary members, but never seem to com eto the meetings).

- Friends of the Big Daddies - those who think the city owes a debt of gratitude to the endless work the Maintenance Daddies did that kept the City alive. Constantly petitioning 'the Clinic' and City Council to do something to 'save' the Big Daddies from their servitude.

- Saturnine werent overly secret (Jack massacred most of them apparently)

- The Train Spotters Club. Not much opportunit to 'spot' anything new in Rapture.

- Rapture's Stamp Collectors club all seem to have died in 'the chaos'.

--- --- --- --- --- --

What is the place of the Big Sisters in the MMORPG ?? :

- Still around (and the lil sisters still around)
- Can cause major problems because of their power, if they attack the City or Citizens.
- What did they do before (that they are probably still doing) - protecting little sisters that the Players are trying to rescue (so you can expect some conflict).
- Big Sisters are a major adversary so wont be easy to overcome. (not really anything can yet be done for them -- like 'rescue' them, though Tenenbaum would want to examine any captured ones to get more data (their ability to teleport might make them difficult to restrain).
- With Lamb gone, where do the Lil Sisters go to deliver their ADAM ?? (There also would be more (Little Sisters and Big Sisters) in other parts of the city that Lamb didnt control.)


Intelligence Center in City Hall :

- Situation/status display of known Splicer groups and factions (overlaid on current maps marking Citizen territory)
- Special "Group of Five" who oversee Raptures Security concerns, can give special misssions to experienced operators to interdict 'problem' Splicers.
- New Survey information and Intelligence gathering are analyzed for risks that need 'handling'.
- Threat Chart (the Big Status Board - tokens being pushed around on a big map like in the WW2 movies) - indicates any developing 'dangerous' areas.
- Coordination of Player missions to help identify and handle 'threats'.


Razor Blade Manufacturing :

- Side effect of the Splicing was Splicers not growing beards apparently, as the razor blades in Rapture ran out after a while (or people started to use straight razors again for the obvious use instead of cutting throats).
- Maybe they used Incinerate to burn whiskers off??


Commuting into 'The City' from the 'Suburbs' :

- Residential areas spread out from Rapture with numerous people who didnt care to spend their lives in tiny city apartments. Atlantic Express lines brought people into the City for work and took them home at night. Trolley 'Suburban' lines were extended to reach the 'near' communities.

- A whole mountainside (the leeward side) of Mount Ryan was open to development and some entrepreneurs built a substantials number of 'houses' and communities outside the City. The cost was held down because the buildings were largely tunnels in bedrock (built using the tunnel boring machines) and did not require large foundations or expensive structural materials (Ryanium) -- they required only a few small windows. The typical house was 10X as large as the typical apartment in the city. 'Yards' in large-ish tunnels offered space for gardens and other 'outdoor' type activities. Fortunately Mt. Ryan is largely 'diamond hard' igneous rock, well suited to self-supporting tunnels and caverns.

- Networks of large underground caverns and tunnels were built to interlink the houses and community facilities (the tunnel boring machines cost about the same whether they were operating or not). Numerous parks were planted and specialty agricultural produces took advantage of the spaces. 'Town' Trolley systems were used for local transportation. Bicyles were also actually useable with the tunnel paths, without heavy/congested city traffic .